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Fun Photo Gift Ideas for Mom

Published / by Cindy Barera

Your mom spent years caring for you and deserves a gift that lets you her know you appreciate everything she did for you. Whether you need a gift for her birthday or a holiday such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, consider giving her something unique that involves a photo. With the help of a photographer, you can get a great picture that she’ll love.

Professional Photos

If your mom always wanted a professional photo of the whole family, consider working with a people photographer. These professionals have the backdrops that can make your pictures stand out and the experience that results in an amazing picture. You can arrange for the whole family to get together in your finest clothing for the picture. Any mom will love knowing that their kids took the time out of their busy schedules for the photo. You can even head out to lunch or dinner together after the shoot.

Picture Blanket

A fun and unique picture gift idea for your mom is a picture blanket. Many photo stores and studios now offer this option. You’ll find shops in your area and online stores that can turn any picture into a blanket. You might select an image that shows her curled up with you or one of your children or a photo that has a special meaning to her such as one that shows her with her own mother. These blankets come in different sizes, including larger ones she can use on her bed and smaller ones she can curl up with on the couch.

Family Collage

The whole family can work together on a collage for your mother that shows all her favorite family photos. Not only can you use images that she has, but you can also use photos shared online and those you have in your own collection. It’s helpful to have copies made and to let her keep the originals. You can put all those photos into a massive frame shaped like a family tree to make a big impact. Any mom would appreciate one of these unique photo gifts.